Friday, October 05, 2007

Kirtland Race

After early service my Mom, Becky, Caylin, and I went to Kirtland for a cyclocross race. It has been one week and Caylin kneed me in the ribs while we were wrestling a couple of days before that so my ribs still hurt to take deep breathes. I wanted to see how I would do after being 20 pounds lighter than all of last year. Well I was kinda disappointed cause my start was horrible. I was back maybe in 17 place with two groups ahead already forming 20 seconds ahead. This was the race to be up front in cause you could use the draft all day. Well I worked my way back up to the top 10 and I ended up 6th overall but 5th in the A group because Brent was in the 40+ group and he was up front all day. Great job Brent! Thanks to everyone that cheered for me the whole race or parts of it. It was exciting for me to hear Go Jeremy or Grimmy or Daddy all those laps. It helped cause I passed a lot of guys those last 5 laps. I bet my times were faster than in the start of the race. I had forgotten how much I love cyclocross races. Also a special thanks to Mehul Gala for the pics on RGF Solutions website. Thanks to RGF for putting them on the website so I could see them. It turned out to be a really great day when I went up to see what place I got knowing that they were only going to pay to the top 3 I just wanted to see what place I got. I was hoping for top 7 but thought I was 8th - 10th out of 21 starters. When I was going up to look for the results Julie gave me 30 bucks for 5th place YES! I couldn't believe I got 5th place let alone 6th place overall my Mom and Becky were right again. Thank you Lord for an awesome start to my day by worshiping you at church then having some fun on the bike then spending time with family after that. Sorry to those that saw my arm after the race it was really gross looking. My Mom almost lost her breakfast.

This makes my 100th post is that crazy or what?

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Mehul said...

Wow, I googled myself and I found out that you thanked me!! You are welcome!