Friday, October 05, 2007


Powerman 5 are signed up and 5 showed up. Great day to race, and the payout was going to the top 2 of the five of us. I had a teammate today Anthony Rienzi, great racer very smart and strong. He is only 20 years young so he has a bright future in cycling now with the Tour of America coming to the US. Well they put us with the cat 3 racers and so we had 21 racers together at the start for a quest of only 42 miles not 56. So we started out slow and worked our way to the hilly section of the course. I was back a little and a group of 6 hit the climb hard. I chased them down and waited for my teammate, that didn't need any waiting for later to find that out. I asked him how he felt after the hills and I mentioned to him that he got caught behind the others on the climb. Well after we all got back together Anthony and I were talking about going on the climbs again or to look out for them. 6 of us broke clear and we all worked together perfectly. Anthony was the only cat 3 rider with us how sweet is that. Well I knew Anthony could hold his own with the rest so I attacked several miles before the hills. I thought I would be able to hold them off at one point but they were too strong and they caught me at the base of THE climb. Anthony attacked everyone which hurt me a bit more than others but I caught them on the downhill, I still have that extra weight.

After that 5 of us rolled together for a little bit then Anthony and I started attacking them and it helped in the end cause I just beat the 2nd place rider. Anthony almost broke everyones back in the mile and I thought for sure we would go clear. I should have jumped a couple of times when Anthony did and maybe we would have split them up more in the end. Almost a perfct finish but with both of us winning it all worked out. Great job Anthony!

Also thanks to my Dad and Mom helping me and others get ready,for a great event, and also for Benny Rienzi taking those photos.

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