Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oct. 7th

Today was great spending time in our class and in church. The Lord is working in me so much. I actcually felt smart for a change.... well not really just prepared. Becky and I were door greeters today at the North side of Church. Not to many people came in from those doors so I spent some time talking to some great brothers and sisters of Christ. Then I saw Dean that I play church softball with. If I had the keys I would have locked the door.... I held the door shut till his family came up to the doors then I let them in. I must have looked very helpful with that name tag on cause everyone wanted me to help out today which was fine by me. Ask away I told myself I am here to help.

Bunch of Love going on right now at the church and in our Bible studies that we missed that night. We had planned on going to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert that night. So we missed our friends at bible study but we had a great time at the concert. We met up with Jim and Vicki to eat out before hand and everything went great! We had an awesome time fellowshiping with one another and the concert what so awesome. The Lord had blessed us all with some strong testimonies and music with lyrics of Love toward Him and each other. Thanks to Jim and Vicki Becky and I had a wonderful time. Becky and I will be buying Stevens new CD coming out this Oct. 23rd.

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